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Mission Statement

Jasmine Management is a catering company that is dedicated to providing exceptional food and service to our clients. We are a women-led business, and we strive to empower and support other women in the catering industry. Our mission is to create a memorable and enjoyable catering experience for every event, big or small. We are committed to using fresh, high-quality ingredients and innovative techniques to craft delicious and visually stunning dishes. We are committed to sustainability, and we aim to minimize our impact on the environment through responsible sourcing and waste reduction practices. Above all, we are committed to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and providing them with personalized, professional service.


Born and raised in Pakistan, Pakeeza developed a passion for food at a young age. Dabbling in the various mixes of spices and cooking techniques Pakeeza developed a passion that would stick with her for life.

After studying at the Lahore College and majoring in political science, Pakeeza was determined to be an empowered woman who didn’t let anything deter her from her dreams.

After getting married and moving to the United States, Pakeeza was Inspired by her husband’s entrepreneurial prowess. Pakeeza decided to mix three important things in her life to create her American dream: her passion for food, the goal to be a determined woman and the call of being an entrepreneur. It was a no brainer for Pakeeza to start a catering business offering a wide variety of services. As time went on and Pakeeza became a mother, her love for her country grew tremendously and she wanted to branch out and work with in the Federal/State sector. In the Land of opportunity, Pakeeza hopes to continue building her American dream, follow her passion for food and serving her country.


Pakeeza’s two favorite meals to prepare are butter chicken and Lasagna.

(Pakeeza with her Daughter)


Najeeb is a co-founder of Jasmine Management, with Pakeeza. Prior to starting Jasmine Management, Najeeb gained valuable experience in the food  and catering industry. This background has allowed him to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company, and he is always looking for new ways to innovate and improve the customer experience.


In addition to his work at Jasmine Management, Najeeb is an active member of the community and is dedicated to giving back through charitable work and volunteer efforts. He is a devoted husband and father, and values the importance of building strong relationships.

Najeeb is excited to continue growing and thriving alongside the rest of the team at Jasmine Management, and is committed to delivering the best possible service to clients and customers.

Alongside his wife, he has helped to build a strong team and create delicious and innovative menus that have won the hearts of customers. 


Catering Service

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